Friday, March 15, 2013

Artsplosure - The Raleigh Arts Festival

Another great time downtown for crafts people and to be also entertained.  Lots of things to do, many different vendors to purchase things from, and just a lot of fun the entire weekend... MAY  18-19, 2013.

Come stay with us at the Oakwood Inn for the weekend, we are just a 15-20 minute walk away.  Park your car in our FREE privately well-lighted parking lot, and just leave it there.  You won't have to fight downtown traffic or try to find a place to park..... difficult even with the PAID parking!


Artsplosure - The Raleigh Arts Festival 2013

May 18 – 19, 2013 (Recurring daily)

Artsplosure's mission is to produce high quality annual festivals that celebrate excellence in the performing and visual arts; to promote and bring recognition to national, regional, and local artists; and to bring artists and the larger community together to improve the quality of life and cultural environment. For complete festival details including music schedules for Saturday and Sunday and info on art exhibitions, go to


Beer...Beer....Beer... and more Beer!!
It's a HUGE event for all you suds drinkin' crazies!  People from all over come to this event and enjoy the tastings.  Buy your tickets NOW while they still have some.  You can also volunteer.  May have some great benefits!!

Stay the entire weekend at the Oakwood Inn Bed & Breakfast for this event.  Park you car in our FREE, private, well-lighted parking lot and just leave it there.  That's right.  No need to drive, because you will only be about a 15-20 minute walk away.       or call  919-832-9712

For the fourth year, Artsplosure is pleased to partner with All About Beer Magazine as the charity partner of the 2013 World Beer Festival in Raleigh!  Partial proceeds from the festival benefit Artsplosure.
The World Beer Festival will be held Saturday, April 13 in downtown Raleigh's historic Moore Square. A limited number of tickets ($45) are still available.  Click here for festival and ticket information!
Approximately 300 volunteers are needed to make the festival run smoothly. Will you volunteer to help Artsplosure and the World Beer Festival on April 13? Click here for more info.
Volunteers, in addition to supporting Artsplosure, will receive:
  • A Festival T-shirt
  • A half-year subscription (3 issues) to All About Beer Magazine
  • An invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation party, including food and beer, following the festival


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tax Time And Regrets

This posting is not about regrets of pay taxes, although, I wish we didn't have to pay so many or so much.
No, this posting is about my father.... late father.  If you read the previous posting, about two back, it explains about my father passing away in October of 2012.

I am the sole executor of my father's estate and finally got some time to gather all of his tax stuff for the accountant.  I began going through all of his notes, and things about 3 weeks ago.  I've been very, very busy at work at Duke and bring some work home which many times keeps me busy in the evenings, but I finally made some time to gather his stuff together.

Sitting in the same room that he occupied while living with us at the Inn, I slowly went through the files of stock stuff, and other 1099s he got.  He didn't have much in terms of an estate, so it is fairly easy.  However, it slowed me down, just thinking about him.  I would come across a note hand written by him and I would just stare at it looking at the handwriting.  A simple note reminding him when to take his pain pill or what bill needed to be paid or a note to remind him to talk to me about an article he read in the newspaper about healthcare.  His handwriting..... an extension of him.... his mind.... his thoughts...... put down on paper by his hand.  I miss him.  Regrets begin to surface.

Maybe I should have talked more with him instead of coming home, saying Hi, asking him how things were, and then go eat dinner, then work on some stuff for Duke.  Maybe I should have sat just for 30 minutes every week and watched TV with him.  He never asked me to, he never said that he was lonely or needed someone to talk to.  Actually, Doris did talk to him almost everyday while I was at work.  I would always say Hello and have a short conversation with him, but nothing really in length or of meaning.

However, usually once every two weeks, him and I would take a ride to our storage garage in Cary.  That 20 minute ride there and back provided us with some time to talk and bond.  However, I feel I just did not do enough. Now it's too late.

I sit in his room and look at old photos of him, my mother, and numerous others in my family from recent times to almost back 80 years.  People having fun, laughing, smiling, relaxed, and just enjoying life.  I look at some of the old photos and wished I would have asked my dad questions about who some of the people were, what was the occasion, or anything that I should know.  I would have learned more about my father, and what made him Louis.  I have regrets.

People tell me I did the right thing, having both of my parents live with me until they passed away.  Everyone says what a nice person I am to do that.  Yeah.... I liked doing it.  It was wonderful having them around, especially my father who I became closer to in my later years, whereas I was closer to my mother in my youth.  I still have regrets.  I wished I would have done a better job at getting to know him.

Though he had a very sour view on life and always looked for the negative in things (he had a hard life growing up), he was a very kind, gentle, and sentimental man.  He would easily cry over thinks like my birthday, his birthday, my anniversary, missing my mother, etc.  He many times was tough, sometimes angry, sometimes seemingly unforgiving; but I do know he had a heart of gold.... all those things I do know.

As as I touch all the things he touch, I feel a little of him come alive within me.  I do miss him as well as my mother; I just hope they both spiritually watch over me, just like their photos keep a constant vigilance while I'm sitting at my desk.

Someday, the regrets will pass.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weather Warmth WOW!

Weather.  Down here it is great.  Compared to the Northeast this week.  We have been cold especially at night... in the 20's, but man, compared to those up in the North.; we are very warm.  Love it.  Anyone tired of the blasted snow and bullshit, come down to North Carolina.  It's not very, very warm like in the topics, but we are not suffering through snow up the booty or bitter cold that freezes your facial hair.  In the next two or three weeks, we should be able to sit on our front porch with a heavy spring jacket and drinking a bourbon.  Nothing like the South.  Tired of the cold, the snow, the ice, the salt, the bitter cold winds... come down and see us.  Make a reservation.  Heck in two weeks from now, no matter what you in the North experience as far as winter....... in the South..... it is warmer... even at 20 degrees warmer that is got to be better.



I remember watching these guys the first time in Detroit Michigan.  Man, are they good and funny.  Great entertainment.  Damn good basketball players.

March 1, 2013 at 7:00pm,  Tickets can be purchased online at, the PNC Arena Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets or by phone at 1-800-745-3000.

These guys are great!  Basketball like you never have experienced.  Come stay at the Oakwood Inn and take a 22 minute drive to the PNC arena (previously RBC) and enjoy a night of fun. Fun! FUN!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dad Will Be Missed

Due to internet and computer issues plus work assignments, I have been behind on putting this post up in honor of my father who recently passed away.

 On October 9, 2012 my father suffered a major stroke at home, the Oakwood Inn.  EMS were called and he was taken to WakeMed where Doris stayed at his side.  I take the bus to Duke, so Debbie and Jeff picked me up and drove me to the hospital.  He could not talk, nor could he eat or swallow.  His wishes which were in writing and well discussed were to not have him on any artificial means of support.  I abided to his wishes.  He was place in Hospice of Wake County on October 11.  At about 5am on Monday, October 15, he passed away at Hospice.  My daughter, Diana, flew in from Michigan and was at his side when he passed.  I was too late getting there.

Diana and I flew back to Michigan on that Tuesday to make funeral arrangements.  My father wanted to be buried next to my mother, and this is the ONLY way he said that he would ever fly.  He arrived on Wednesday.  Doris had to stay behind and run the Inn until she could arrange for neighbors to help, and then she flew out on Thursday to be with us.  This was a very hectic and sad time for all of us.  I am very thankful and grateful for all those neighbors who helped man the Inn or provided assistance, especially Ruth Sappie.  Thank you to everyone for the cards and words of sympathy.

On Saturday, October 20, my father, Louis Thomas Jurkiewicz, was laid to rest next to his loving wife, Dorothy who in his later years also referred to her as his "sweetie".  The irony of this is in Michigan and some of the other Northern states, October 20 was Sweetest Day.  This is when you usually would buy your sweetheart or loved one some sweets or candy.  Sort of like a Valentine's Day but in the Fall.

This was a difficult time for all of us since we knew at some point, my 95 year old father would pass away, and he wanted to, being that he was tired and wanted to be with my mother.  It was just a surprise when it occurred and how the events unfolded.

But He Is Happy Now!  And that is all that matters.

He was a very loving and wonderful father to me.  Even on his death bed, he eventually communicated to me to "take care of myself."  I promised him that I would.  I know that my mother and father are now both watching over me and providing their parental guidance as they was did.

My Dad lived with us for the past 17 years.  When we moved down here to North Carolina to run the Inn, he came with us and lived in the Innkeepers quarters with us.  He helped clean rooms and helped with lawn work.  In his later years, Doris became very close to him because he depended more on us for some assistance and he was fortunate that Doris was there for him; especially that day she had to call 911.  I just wished I spent more time talking to him about his past and asking questions... of all kinds.  I feel like I am missing something about my past.  I guess I felt I would have more time to do so and just put it off like I have done with other things in my life.  A lesson learned.

The time from October 9 through 20, was a very stressful and sad time for all of us, but God helped us all through it.  My father always worried about being a "burden" on us if something like this happened. He wasn't and even if he lived longer; he never would have been.  My parents took care of me for my first 23 years of life ( me living with them), and I did the same for the both of them. (My mother passed away in our house in Michigan after being bed-ridden from a stroke with my father taking care of her.)

I will miss both of them very much and love them very dearly.

I must now carry on with my life that they both gave me, until the day that I can once again join them.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Southern Ideal Home Show In September

The Southern Ideal Home Show will be coming to Raleigh at the NC State Fair Grounds September 21-23. If you would like to stay for a one or two night stay, please check out our website at OakwoodInnBB,com.  All sorts of exhibits and events for homeowners or those who want to be a homeowner.

This is the Triangle's Largest Home & Garden Event.  Check it out at